Guardian Application

Here at Harmony Hill Doodles, we strive to provide only the best for our adult breeding dogs who serve as loving members of our family. To ensure we are able to give these dogs the best possible home life while being able to expand and produce the best possible puppies, we like to limit the number of dogs we have living in our home.


We are now offering a guardian program where qualified families will receive a FREE puppy/dog while we retain the breeding rights.

Guardian families are expected to properly care for their new puppy/dog physically and financially. We will cover all costs associated to breeding and care for/own all litters produced by guardian family dogs.


Basically, you will get an adorable dog to add to your family for no cost, and we get to use him/her in our breeding program. Pretty simple!


Guardian dogs will remain your forever family pet but will come to us every so often to sire/whelp their litters.

Guardian Qualifications

Guardian families must:

Guardian families must be able to:

Other Requirements:

Owning a female guardian dog:

We will board your dog for a few days during the breeding process and the duration of whelping a litter. Once old enough, female dogs will spend at least 6-8 weeks per year or every other year in our care to whelp, raise, and wean their puppies (guardian families are always welcome to visit during this time).


Guardians must be able to detect a heat cycle and keep females away from intact male dogs during this time. Females retire at around the age of 4-6 (typically after having 3-4 litters). After retirement the female will be spayed, and continue to live the remainder of her life with her guardian family.

Owning a male guardian dog:

Male dogs will spend a few days with us at a time when needed during breeding.

Guardians must be able to keep male dogs away from intact female dogs in heat.

Males retire at around the age of 5-7, after retirement the male will be neutered, and continue to live the remainder of his life with his guardian family.  

We will be looking for guardian homes for Doodles in 2020!
If you are interested in becoming a part of our guardian program please fill out an application below.